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Years Of Playing Experience
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"David & Jake know the golf swing inside and out"

With over 40 years of playing experience, we have joined forces to create a unique opportunity for individuals to network and improve their golf game. As former professional golfers, we have competed in a multitude of events and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with others. We offer coaching and training for golfers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Our program is designed to help golfers improve their physical and mental game, and we use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to work on every aspect of their game, from swing mechanics to course management. In addition to coaching, we also provide opportunities for golfers to connect with other enthusiasts through networking events. Our goal is to help golfers reach their full potential and make new friends in the process. If you’re looking to take your golf game to the next level, join us and let us help you achieve your goals. 

Heather Hoover

Heather Hoover

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"Jake and David are awesome coaches and extremely knowledgeable. Each has their own coaching style that complement each other and I learn so much every session. Great atmosphere with encouraging and supportive coaches. My golf game has improved immensely since my first lesson!"

Frank E

Frank E.

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"BEST place to take your golf game to the next level - hands down!! David and Jake both know the golf swing inside and out, and have been around the game for a long time. On my first lesson, I immediately received meaningful, constructive instruction, and have already seen improvements in my game that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend MEKKA to anyone - beginner to scratch. You can work on your swing, golf-related fitness, and mental game all at one place. I cannot recommend these guys enough!!"

Brett Lessman

Brett Lessman

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"After just one lesson my swing improved dramatically. I have spent thousands of dollars on coaching and quickly realized all that money went to waste! These guys have built a comfortable environment and really know what they are talking about. The tailored approach is second to none, and I will definitely be a repeat customer."

Tom Bethmann

Tom Bethmann

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"Mekka is a well rounded personalized dive into your golf. Every person's body is different Jake and David break your swing down into constructive pieces to help you on and off the course. Their overall physical focus on flexibility and strength help you reach your scoring goals and make the game much more fun. In the last 6 weeks I’ve seen a 7 stroke gain on my game. I plan to continue my work with Mekka and highly recommend them for your game too. Thanks guys!"

Suzy McInerny

Suzy McInerny

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"New golfer and 1st lesson from pros!
I learned so much that I chose to golf with my boys on Mother's Day!
Wow did I surprise them from my regular hacking in the past!
Awesome experience, vibe and education!"

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"Randomly found this place and thought I would give them a try after a poor experience at another place. These guys were positive and didn't criticize my swing. They were focused on the small tweaks to make it better and not trying to make huge adjustment or make it fit to what is the supposed best swing. They were casual, personable, and seem genuinely interested. Some tips as you pull in head down that left side, they are the first roll up door. Also, it gets really hot in there like any other place so dress casual and bring water and towels if you want. I believe they had but always good to have extra"

Dan McIlnerny

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"My experience has been exceptional at Mekka.
The instructors are terrific and their teaching style is very clear and easy to follow.
Instruction is catered to my experience and ability, which has really improved my game. They use state-of-the art technology and tools that help me gain a more comprehensive understanding on why they teach the way they do. If you are looking for quality instruction, you have found the right group and will really like Mekka."

Dan Squiers

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"Jake and David did a tremendous job and keeping things simple to improve my swing. Very knowledgeable. Made significant improvements after a couple lessons! Can’t wait to see what more improvements come with the rest of the lessons"

Jose Lynch

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"Amazing place! What an amazing way to improve your game. Best part is they aren’t only incredibly knowledgeable on teaching golf but they are just good people. I rarely post reviews but this was a must post. Thank you MEKKA!"

Kameron Pollock

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"I was told about this spot from a friend and he said you’ve got to come so I came and MAN WAS I SURPRISED! It is like your own private track man! David, one of the pros in there, is such a great teacher and helped me so much with my game! Thank you guys so much! 1000% recommend!!"


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"Great coaching and atmosphere. Added at least 10-yards to each club in one lesson."

World Class Coaching

Backed By The Best Technology

At MEKKA, we are proud to offer our members industry leading ball flight technology with the TrackMan 4; the most trusted name among the world's elite players. TrackMan is a military grade doppler radar system that can accurately track ball flight to within an inch over 400 yards.


Trust, Precision
& Performance

TrackMan 4 stands as the premier launch monitor among the world's elite players. Possessing unparalleled sophistication, exceptional precision, and astonishing user-friendliness, it remains unrivaled in its use among the world's best golfers.

Faster Than Ever Before.

The TrackMan 4 gives us the most precise data available and is engineered and proven to elevate golfer's performance.  You won't just improve your golf game.  You'll improve it faster than you ever thought possible.  And faster than has even been possible thanks to it's unrivalled technology.

Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking

The TrackMan 4 is unrivalled by any other launch monitor in golf. This unparalleled system combines industry leading radar technology with world-class optics to produce data you can depend on. It's patented and it's the most complete solution available.

Track Your Game
With Pinpoint Precision

The TrackMan 4 launch monitor meticulously tracks and displays the complete trajectory of every shot. From short putts to 400-yard drives, the TrackMan 4 pinpoints the landing position with unrivalled precision. On top f this, it also maps the shot's 3D trajectory in real time and provides detailed impact and launch data.

Your Game.
Captured & Analyzed.

Experience the unparalleled precision of the TrackMan4 as it captures every detail with incredible accuracy. That includes club and ball data as well as impact location and full ball flight data. The TrackMan 4 allows us to leverage the most advanced video analysis and uncover data that's tailored to you.  There's truly nothing like it!


Over 1,000 Tour players have leveraged TrackMan technology to develop and improve their games. The system provides insights that are backed by science which delivers details and data that are simply unmatched. When you experience it yourself, combined with the expertise of the team at MEKKA, the sky is the limit. 

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